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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid SurgeryDroopy eyelids may be a condition that is causing you a great deal of discomfort or may be obstructing your vision. Blepharoplasty (BLEF-uh-ro-plas-te), also known as as an eyelid lift, is surgery to repair droopy eyelids by removing excess skin, muscle and fat. As we age, our eyelids stretch, and the muscles supporting them begin to weaken. As a result, excess fat may gather above and below the eyelids, causing sagging eyebrows, drooping upper lids and bags under the eyes. Besides giving a tired or premature aging appearance, severely sagging skin around the eyes can impair vision. Blepharoplasty can reduce or eliminate such impaired vision.

Other Eyelid conditions can cause the lower eye lids to curve in or out causing irritaton, pain and possible infection.  These as well as blepharoplasty are treatable conditions by the surgeons of Regional Eye Associates.

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