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Blade-Free LASIK

Blade-Free LASIKAre you seeking Intralase Blade-FREE LASIK eye surgery in West Virginia? If so the doctors of Regional Eye Associates are proud to announce the arrival of LASIK performed without a blade-driven microkeratome. This IntraLase® Method of LASIK eye surgery has become very popular amongst surgeons and patients. Many patients are seeking a safer LASIK procedure with reduced rates of flap complications. This IntraLase® Method has reported fewer flap complications than traditional LASIK with a microkeratome. They call this blade-FREE LASIK procedure ALL-LASER LASIK because instead of using a microkeratome blade to create the corneal flap, the eye surgeon uses the IntraLase laser. Once the flap is made the procedure is similar to traditional LASIK. An excimer laser is used for the actual treatment.  CALL 1-877-325-2745

Advantages of the IntraLase® Method for LASIK Eye Surgery

  • Better Predictability
  • Approved by NASA
  • Improved Safety with flap creation
  • Less Re-treatments Required
  • Reduced Dry Eye Symptoms
  • Highest Degree of Predictability and Precision
  • Fewer high- and low-order aberrations

Intralase Statistics (Intralase® CORP/AMO inc. 2008)

  • If people have a choice, 78 percent of patients choose IntraLase-initiated LASIK rather than the blade.
  • In FDA clinical trials, 98 percent of IntraLase-initiated LASIK eyes achieved 20/20 or better vision.
  • FDA Clinical trial patients who had IntraLase on one eye and the blade on the other preferred the vision of their IntraLase-treated eye 3-to-1 over their blade-treated eye (those with a stated preference).
  • FDA Clinical trial tests performed to diagnose dry eye show IntraLase reduces symptoms as much as 72 percent.

Understanding the Intralase Difference!

Your Source for Intralase Technology in West Virginia!

As you may know, creating the corneal flap is the first step in a LASIK procedure. This first step was the part of the surgery that had caused the greatest amount of complications with the conventional procedure. In an effort to reduce this complication rate and to improve the overall safety of LASIK eye surgery, Intralase was born. Unlike the older microkeratome blade, which cuts across the cornea to create the flap, IntraLase creates the flap from below the surface of the cornea. This LASIK flap must be of exactly the right thickness and in exactly the right place. When the LASIK surgery is finished, it’s folded back into position and acts as a natural bandage over the treated area. It heals up by itself.

The Advent of iLASIK in West Virginia

iLASIKiLASIK In a recent effort by AMO inc. (American Medical Optics) three new technological platforms have been brought together. This company has been the first of its kind to bring together a femtosecond ALL-LASER flap creation device, a highly advanced excimer laser and wavefront technology. All three of these technologies are critical for a successful LASIK procedure and Regional Eye Associates has chose to provide our patients with this amazing new technology. This is truly a unique combination of technology that leads to a safer, more predictable result.

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NASA has recently approved the Intralase Method. It was not until LASIK was developed into an ALL-LASER method using a femtosecond laser for the cutting of the corneal flap that NASA considered approving LASIK for the eyes of United States Astronauts and space program candidates. The military and NASA together conducted extensive research and thus confirmed the excellent safety record of the Intralase Femtosecond laser.

The Advanced Technology of the iLASIK platform (MAIN Components)

  • VISX Star 4 Excimer Laser with IRIS registration
  • The VISX star4 excimer laser is one of the top excimer lasers with superior technology
  • CustomVue™wavefront technology
  • Developed from hubble telescope technology wavefront expands treatment zones and helps correct higher order aberrations
  • Intralase Blade-FREE femtosecond laser
  • Creates the LASIK flap with a laser instead of blade resulting in a safer LASIK

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*As with any surgical procedure there are risks along with benefits. It is important to discuss your surgical procedure with your surgeon to fully understand the risks and benefits.